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Flavorizer Bars
P/N 7537
Sorry, we are sold out of this Weber flavor bar set and cannot supply. Click here to order our quality replacement, all stainless steel set, part number WFB-5M.
Stainless Steel Flavor Bar Set (5 bars) for the Spirit 700, Weber 900 and the new Genesis Silver B & C grills. Each of the five flavor bars in this set is 22 5/8 inches long. Upgrade to the porcelain set 9817. (Formerly 9816)
WFB-5M. Stainless Steel Flavor Bar Set. Made in the USA.
Made in the USA. This flavor bar set is an aftermarket stainless steel flavor bar set produced to replace Weber stainless set 7537 and Weber porcelain enamel set 7536. These sets are used in the Weber Silver B and Silver C models. In response to customers looking for a quality, all stainless steel replacement flavor bar set at an affordable price, we now provide an alternative to Weber factory equipment. This stainless steel flavor bar set(5 bars) includes five bars that are 22 9/16 inches long. This flavor bar set is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and has a 18 gauge thickness. The lower the gauge number...the thicker the bar. This set is thicker than the 20 gauge flavor bars we see sold on the Internet. This quality stainless steel set is an upgrade from porcelain enamel bars. (5FB-M) (WFB5M) $39.99
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[Order quantity of one and you receive one set of 5 stainless steel flavor bars 22 9/16 inches long]
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